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About EPCOT 創意思境

The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow ( EPCOT ) aim to be the demonstration that would never cease to be a blueprint of the future. EPCOT is designed to stimulate Taiwan advertising and creative industry to develop new ideas for urban living with smart technology.

EPCOT will take its cue from the new ideas and new technologies that are now emerging from media and people. As time moving forward now and then, people will be more and more empowered by smart technology. Therefore we think people-centric design thinking is the key and that form EPCOT’s philosophy -- “people is king”. Creative, forward thinking and sustainability is the core value of our thinkers and makers to co-create solutions with clients. Together we can make people and the world better.

創意思境的英文名EPCOT是Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow的縮寫,意思是「未來城市烏托邦想像實驗原型」,取自華得迪士尼在1950年代提出的概念,EPCOT不斷從全世界湧現的新思想和新技術中汲取靈感,打造出極具創造力與想像力的未來城市典範,並且包容永不停歇的進步與革新。這與我們在傳播媒體上的設計思考相同,媒體與使用者隨著時代不停進步,透過智慧科技的進化,人的自我意識與媒體主控選擇權越來越高。


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